Carquest: *** You have won ***

We have car! We went shopping on Wednesday night while my Mom and Dad took care of Dante. (I have the best parents EVAR, by the way.) A big group of dealerships here (GO, formerly John Elway) had a big event where they brought all their used car inventory to the Pepsi Center, so Laura and I headed over there to scope for used cars. Specifically: Honda or Toyota, under $12K, under 60K miles.

We bought one! It’s a 2001 Honda Civic. It actually has 66K miles on it, but we bought it for only $10,500! WOO! I am so excited about Laura having a new car. Her old one has been not-so-secretly driving me crazy for quite a while now. We had a 3-day grace period in which we could return the car for any reason, so we got it checked out by our mechanic during that time. The verdict: all is well! The car just needed new belts for $120, and now it’s ready to go! YEAH!

We were up LATE that night, because it took a really long time to close the deal. Not that there were problems or anything, it’s just that we asked our sales guy to pull a bunch of information (Carfax, safety ratings, interior space measurements compared to Laura’s old car), and then we had to wait in line a long time to get all the paperwork done once we pulled the trigger. Also, I had to drive back to my folks’ place in Aurora and pick up Dante, though when I got there they said they’d keep him and Mom would bring him up the next morning. Did I mention I have the best parents ever? I decided that night I would go into work late so that I could sleep in and enjoy the Dante-free house.

We brought Laura’s old 1992 Ford Escort in to trade on Friday, and the new era has begun!

Back view of Laura's car

Front view of Laura's car

3 thoughts on “Carquest: *** You have won ***

  1. Oh, sweet! That is a great used car. I had a 1997 Honda Civic 4-door that lasted 225,000 miles on its original automatic transmission. At 66k miles your new one is barely adolescent!

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