Welcome, child
To this sky
To music
To laughter
And to our arms

Dante Phoenix O’Brian Wilson
Born June 21, 3:23am
9 pounds, 14 ounces (!)

More information to come about our little solstice baby… at some point.

12 thoughts on “Dante

    1. You mean because he has 4 names instead of 3? That’s an artifact of Laura and I having different last names. We decided that a boy would have her last name and a girl would have mine, but that either way we’d include the other last name as a sort of “second middle name”. She won, as you can see. 🙂 This seemed less unwieldy than hyphenating. (I wouldn’t give any child the curse of a last name containing both a hyphen and an apostrophe — the apostrophe alone is enough to give many databases unsightly fits.) Our intention is that he’ll go by Dante Wilson, and only use the “O’Brian” in those context where the full legal name is absolutely required.

      1. Yeah, my aunt and her boyfriend have the same system, in fact – their daughters both have my aunt’s last name as their middle name.

        Mostly what I was really referring to was the whole package together as a name. Especially since you get a nice Beach Boys reference in there too.

  1. Congratulations to Gérard Depardieu you and your wife!

    (Just kidding… you’re far better looking than he is. I think it was the hair that made me make that horrible, horrible joke.)

    Seriously. Félicitations! CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Hooray, congratulations. And yeah, what a name to live up to. Also, sure to clog up computerized name forms the world over. (Yeah, stick it to the Man, baby!)

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